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Stefano Branchini is born in Bentivoglio, an agricultural community in the province of Bologna (Italy); his father Vittorino Branchini, skilful shoe craftsman, is his precious master and mentor.

A long and intensive apprenticeship driven by diligent dedication and passion for his work; his lucid determination and consciousness to make a fascinating and complex work: stylist-designer and “entrepreneur of himself”.

Stefano Branchini assumes direct and exclusive responsibility for the stylistic design of Testoni Shoe factory.

In partnership with his wife Patrizia Grossi, Stefano Branchini creates the brands Branchini Calzoleria, Stefano Bi and Holiday, forerunners of the future brand Stefano Branchini. Both the production and the distribution of these handmade shoes are managed by Stefano Bi, a new company set up in Ferrara: it is a dynamic organization able to guarantee high quality and high fashioned products. The shoe factory Stefano Bi furthermore works like a maker for the delocalized manufacture of brands like Berluti, Christian Dior Man and Givenchy Man.

The shoe factory Stefano Bi is entirely acquired by Louis Vuitton LVMH of Paris.

The Onda Corporation company is established in Bologna, via Castiglione n.33. This company takes on creation, production, control and distribution of its own brands Branchini Calzoleria , Stefano Branchini and Trofeo. Since its establishment, Onda Corporation has been one of the main luxury shoe and leather goods manufacturer.


The company mission statement is to continue to offer unique artisan-made products, aiming at developing and strengthen its own position in the luxury market. This is possible thanks to the high visibility of Branchini Calzoleria brand in Italy and other countries like Japan, France, Italy, United States, Russia, UK and China.