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The Branchini Calzoleria brand is a synonym of the highest quality, style, creativity, elegance and provocation: these are the undoubted qualities of Branchini man and maintain this brand on the top positions of the luxury shoe market.

The Branchini Calzoleria brand name is used for luxury products made entirely by hand, particularly the Norvegese and Goodyear shoe lines.

The Branchini handmade shoes are manufactured with extreme care and great attention to detail: they are hand sewn using natural twine string and realized through the ancient and traditional method of water tanning, coloured with natural waxes and water-polished. Unique pieces for true connoisseurs and for those who consider luxury as an art.



“As a fashion stylist and designer, the Stefano Branchini brand allows me to dare unique aesthetic interpretations, I mean, nothing to do with the classic tradition of the Norvegese and Oxford shoes.

My collections arise from my feelings and emotions perceived following trends and tendencies of everyday life: handmade shoes, slender shapes, unusual chromatisms, uncommon combinations of materials.
I would like to give our customers the opportunity to wear new stylish shoes, different from the luxury Branchini Calzoleria shoes, but provocative and charming as well”.



The Trofeo brand represents the casual line, a comfortable line of shoes suitable for any situation.
“I need to provoke and promote a different and innovative structural concept of shoe, this is the aim of my creative work and I could not act or behave in any other way.
The Trofeo line is exactly that: presuming and daring, preserving the traditional characteristics of the Branchini product. Slender shapes harmoniously supported by traditional structures revisited.
The Trofeo shoes line is timeless, allowing the customer to find a shoe for every occasion”.